JCA Solutions

The SCORM Authority

Who We Are


JCA Solutions is a small business owned and operated in the state of Florida since 2001.

Mission Statement

The mission of JCA Solutions is to become the e-learning standards authority and the leading service provider and integrator of standards for the e-learning industry.

Vision Statement

The vision of JCA Solutions is to facilitate e-learning content reusability and accessibility, through standards compliance, thereby bringing long-term value to our customers.

Values Statement

At JCA Solutions, we believe that, above all else, our business should be based on respect:

  • Respect for the customers we serve
  • Respect for the people with whom we work

We treat our customers as we would treat friends and family.

General Information

JCA Solutions is an authority on the development and implementation of Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Experience API (xAPI). We have a wealth of experience in Web integration of training content and learning systems analysis. We are also well-versed in Learning Management System selection, integration, and development.

JCA Solutions has published white papers and a book on the subject of SCORM.


Association for Talent Development

LETSI – SCORM 2.0 Program Committee Member

U.S. Chamber of Commerce