I am pleased to announce that as of today, JCA Solutions will become a part of Rustici Software. Over the last several years, we’ve deeply focused on creating expert-class e-learning standards software that makes integration painless and efficient for our customers, and with this move, we look forward to being able to improve on these approaches through the large pool of talent that our combined forces bring.

I’ve known several of the members of the Rustici team for several years now; e-learning standards as an industry has a wide reach, but a relatively small pool of players that are significantly cooperative. Through e-learning standards boards interactions, conference participation and all of the other ways people overlap within a field, I see a lot of shared DNA and intent to the real end goals of customer success and satisfaction, and where we differ in approach to software integration and development to be complementary to one another.

Rustici puts a lot of emphasis on customer delight. I’ve never had quite as formal a mission statement, but as my customers you know that the end result is the same; an above and beyond approach to making sure that every implementation is extremely dependable, coherent and expands to fill all the needs it can within our space, driven by a team interested in making sure your team is educated not only on how things work, but how they can be improved.

Together, I think we’re going to do that even better. As far as the software in use today goes, there are no planned changes to the operation or development of those products. The needs of your ecosystems and the way our products fill them are not going away, and we look forward to improving opportunities for additional strategies and solutions for high quality integrations as a result of our joint efforts across the new combined organization. You can continue to access support by emailing us at support@jcasolutions.com while we integrate our teams.

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