Transform to SCORM Conformant LMS and Track Course Data

Transform to SCORM conformant LMS and track course data

What used to be hard is now one day's work

“Look what I got! Just load this in our Learning Portal. Uh…you can do that right?”


Wouldn’t it be nice if people asked before they went and signed contracts for online courseware and content libraries?


Yeah, golly gee that’d be swell… 


As much as we’d like to live in that world, the one we’ve got isn’t changing for the better anytime soon.


So now what?

You’re probably all too familiar with this dreaded moment is when Someone’s Great Decision turns into Your Problem. What can you do?


I mean, yes, you should have been consulted beforehand, but they purchased something that you really should be able to run. It really shouldn’t be a big deal, or any problem at all. It sounds reasonable to just take that SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 content and load it in your LMS.


It should be simple.

…And now it finally can be!


No, you don’t need to pay your LMS for extensions or some consultant for their professional services. All you need is the Simple SCORM LMS Adapter.


What it does for you

The Simple SCORM LMS Adapter (SSLA) by JCA Solutions is designed to do one thing: make SCORM content work with the quirkiest of LMSs. With it you’ll have a SCORM Conformant LMS in a miniscule fraction of the time it would take to change or replace your existing one. Not that you’d probably ever be able to get something that drastic budgeted in the first place.


It really doesn’t matter what kind of SCORM your online course is. It doesn’t matter what kind of LMS you’ve got. No SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 package will be denied to you ever again.


This SSLA tool makes it simple to get your courses and LMSs talking the same language, and get you delivering that SCORM content like a boss.


Extra bonus: you can report on it like a boss too! Bet your (actual) boss will like that!


The SSLA essentially turns your non-conformant LMS into a SCORM 1.2 and/or 2004 conformant one with hardly any changes to LMS at all. And almost all the code runs on the Learner’s machine instead of LMS! It’s kind of brilliant, actually.


Server load is not an issue because the server doesn’t bear the load. There isn’t even any modification needed for implementation, the required internal approvals can be a piece of cake. All the backend specs are great just as they are. No conflicts, no issues. All systems go!


Even better, when it comes to reporting, you get to have your cake and eat it too. Or is that – have your LMS reporting and full SCORM reporting too? In any case, you almost have to see the things you can track with this to believe what SSLA makes possible for you. It’s one small step for your LMS, but a giant leap for your team and the larger organization that you support.


There are scores of scores, the complete list of completions, times infinity, so many data points, all the things!!! Like literally, all the SCORM parameters that exist become yours to use as you see fit.


If you want to know more about how this SSLA thing works, there are some more technical blog posts and details to check out around here. You can learn about all the reporting enhancements you get and the underlying architecture that makes it all possible, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Bottom line: get the SSLA to beef out your LMS and within a day you can be loading, launching, and tracking SCORM courses like crazy. Given how easy it is, it’s crazy not to be doing this already, isn’t it?


Where has this been all my life?

Don’t feel bad if all this is news to you. It wasn’t always this easy, or this easy to afford.


While the technology behind SSLA isn’t exactly new, it’s not been around nearly as long as SCORM has. So all those quotes you got and all the horror stories you heard years ago were true (shudder!)…then. They’re just not anymore, lucky for you.


You now have the benefit of people who’ve worked hard to solve these pesky, SCORMy problems. And the next time someone goes off and buys stuff that turns into Your Problem, you get to turn everything around in a day and move on to more worthy issues. You get to stay focused on the important problems you were solving before someone gave you a new one. Because, thanks to JCA Solutions, no matter what learning technology you’ve got, a SCORM Conformant LMS just isn’t a problem for you or anyone else on your team anymore.


Next steps

Check out the Simple SCORM LMS Adapter (SSLA) for yourself at:

See how it can work for you, and how well it has worked for others. 

And if you have any questions, contact JCA Solutions at +1 321-296-8166 or


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