Fundamentals of ADL and SCORM
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The Fundamentals of ADL and SCORM goes beyond simply explaining the SCORM standard. In this course we look at the technologies that surround distance learning and examine web deployment strategies. Understanding these issues is critical to your program and will help you to succeed with SCORM.

  • What are the practical design considerations for your SCORM courseware?
  • How to maximize the benefits of SCORM without maximizing the cost?
  • What should you be looking for in an LMS?
  • How can you use SCORM when the LMS is not always available?
  • Who Should Attend?

    Project managers, instructional designers, training specialists, educators and professional development personnel from the academic and training fields who have SCORM requirements and are interested in the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative efforts, will greatly benefit from this course. Designers and training management personnel need to understand the ADL standardization approach to modern courseware technology and be familiar with specifications and critical aspects of SCORM in order to make sound project decisions and open the door for new learning solutions.

    Course Objectives

    The goal of this course is to provide students with an in-depth overview of distance learning and SCORM specifications for courseware development. The class reviews modern courseware technologies and examines the techniques for overcoming the challenges of designing and implementing SCORM compliant courseware. Real-world examples utilizing the principles of ADL and SCORM are presented along with critical issues and current trends associated with ADL and SCORM development. Students will be introduced to the tools and resources that are available to the ADL/SCORM community along with discussions on how to select appropriate systems and tools for your projects. Students will be made aware of critical issues associated with SCORM and learn how to make projects successful by leveraging concepts presented in this course to help make sound programmatic and design decisions.

    SCORM Quick Start Kit - FREE for every student!

    • ADL Testing Tools
    • ADL Test Suite
    • ADL Sample Runtime
    • Metadata Generator Pro
    • Simple SCORM Packager
    • Notepad++

    Detailed Outline

    1. Introduction to SCORM 2004
      1. Basic ADL/SCORM Concepts and Definitions
      2. Overview of SCORM 2004
      3. Differences and similarities between SCORM 1.2 and 2004
      4. The Role of SCORM in Modern Courseware Development
    2. SCORM Essentials
      1. Content Objects: What constitutes Assets and Sharable Content Objects (SCOs)?
      2. Repositories: Melting pots of reusable content
      3. Learning Management Systems (LMS): Open Source alternatives
      4. SCORM Content Development Tools
      5. Expanding your options via a Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
      6. What is Metadata?
      7. ADL Registry: Discovery of specific content resources
    3. Runtime SCORM: What makes a SCO a SCO?
      1. Introduction to SCORM 2004 API and related 3rd party APIs
      2. Bookmarking using navigation and browser events
      3. Completion status and session time within a SCO
      4. Tracking student performance and assessment scoring
    4. Manifest and Sequencing
      1. What is the course manifest?
      2. Reading a 2004 manifest file
    5. Test Your SCORM Package
      1. What does the test suite test?
      2. Known issues and workarounds

    Course Schedule

    The course runs 12:00pm - 5:00pm (EST) daily.

    Registration Fees

    $750.00 USD

    To enroll, contact the registrar at 1-800-305-8159 x203.