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From time to time it is necessary to allow e-learning content that is housed on one domain to communicate to another domain.

Some possible reasons include:

  • You have proprietary content source files that can not be released and must stay on your content server.
  • Your content updates very frequently, daily or weekly, and it is a logistical nightmare to distribute new content packages after each change.
  • Your courseware is created with a server side or proprietary language that will not allow it to run properly if it was moved to another server environment.

For any of the above mentioned issues the solution is to develop a SCORM (or AICC) cross domain solutions that allows your content server to provide the content to the clients LMS without having to actually deliver a hard copy of the course files to the clients LMS. For example, let us call the two servers Client LMS and Content Server. The Content Server holds the actual course package and the Client LMS holds the student information and student records in its database. When a course, in the Content Server is taken for credit, this data needs to get over to the Client LMS so that the students are given credit for their interactions in the course. The way this is done is as follows:

Place a "stub file" on the Client LMS. This "stub file" is a valid SCORM or AICC package that can be loaded onto the Client LMS. This "stub file" is a zip file containing an imsmanifest.xml file (SCORM), which sets up the proper table of contents within the Client LMS and a SCO start file with a single hyperlink which links to a URL on the Content Server. That URL on the Content Server must be able to determine the start file for the course and launch that file so that the Client LMS can display it. This hyperlink URL will contain information about the course to be launched as well as information about the student and maybe the session. Once the Content Server receives the request to launch a course then it calls back to the Client LMS and tells it that the session has started and, if you are using SCORM, the "stub file" issues an Initialize command to the Content Server. This way the Content Server knows it has a connection and a course. Once the connection is made and initialized, between the Client LMS and the Content Server, the same connection can be used to send data about the student's interactions with the course.

Supports the full SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Run-Time API

Comes with open license to use and modify the code base

SCORM Connector is written in JavaScript so the processing load is on the client not the server

Can run on any server. Just copy onto your web accessible server directory and you're done!

$13,500.00 per content server license.

SCORM connected packages can interchange the following data:
SCORM 1.2 Data Model | SCORM 2004 Data Model

Click here to view the Moodle Case Study: A Cross Domain SCORM Connector

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