Simple SCORM LMS Adapter

Simple SCORM LMS Adapter
Simple SCORM LMS Adapter

Play SCORM courseware on any web server!

Need to quickly get your Learning Management System (LMS) SCORM 1.2 and 2004 conformant so that you can install, launch, and track course data? Simple SCORM LMS Adapter (SSLA) connects into any existing system and can be implemented in just a few hours. The beauty of the system is that the bulk of the code runs on the user’s PC. Because of this, SSLA does not cause increased load on the server and there is no modification needed on the existing server during implementation. It also does not matter what language or database the server uses.

The Simple SCORM LMS Adapter (SSLA) collects ALL of the SCORM 1.2 and 2004 data. What that means to you is that once you implement SSLA, in your LMS, you will have access to SCORM 1.2 and 2004 course data such as student scores on quizzes, completion status on lessons, and how much time the student spent in the lesson. Your students will be able to leave a course and return to where they left off in the course (bookmarking). SSLA also supports collecting interaction data for quizzes. This means, that if your SCORM course supports it, you can collect when each question was answered, what the student’s response was and what the correct response was for each question, how long it took the student to answer the question and whether each question was correct or incorrect.

Technical Features

  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Conformant
  • Tracks data from any SCORM 1.2 or 2004 conformant course package
  • Full SCORM Data Model Reporting and Debugging
  • Comes with open license to use and modify the code base
  • Purchase comes with 5-10 free hours of implementation support
    • 5 hours of support for the SCORM 1.2 version
    • 10 hours of support for the SCORM 1.2 & 2004 version
  • Supports objectives, scoring, lesson status, and more
  • Can use any database
  • Runs on any server
  • API Adapter is written in JavaScript so the processing load is on the client, not the server
  • Require additional features? Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer an evaluation license because the application code is not compiled, it is all coded in JavaScript. We do however offer a GoToMeeting session where we can show your courses running in the adapter, we can set you up an account in our LMS, GGLMS, that uses the adapter so you can see your courses running.

We also offer a money back guarantee if the implementation of the adapter does not work as advertised.

SSLA is a JavaScript library that will parse the SCORM XML files, create a table of contents for the course, launch the course, and track all the SCORM user data that is sent from the course to the LMS. Adding SSLA to your LMS will make your LMS 100% SCORM 1.2 and 2004 conformant, we guarantee it or your money back.

We provide 5 hours of installation support absolutely free. If you need more than that, which most people do not, we charge $125.00 an hour for additional hours.

This answer is always “It depends”. Usually, the LMS does not require much refactoring because the SSLA is a JavaScript wrapper that works externally to your existing LMS. All that you will need to do is provide a mechanism to save data, usually a database and some server side page that AJAX requests can be sent to.

We provide 5 hours of free support for the SCORM 1.2 version and 10 hours for the SCORM 2004 version. If you need more than that, which most people do not, we charge $125.00 an hour for additional hours. We also provide full code documentation and examples. We also have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not able to successfully integrate the Simple SCORM LMS Adapter into your system you do not owe us any money.

Any of them. SSLA is written in Javascript and uses AJAX to send data to a file on your server written specifically to accept data from the SSLA. With this set up the SSLA code resides on your server and it does not matter what programming language(s) you use on your server. All output from the SSLA is in JSON format which all server side languages have a JSON to string and JSON to object method for reading key value pairs so you can use that to extract any scorm data from the JSON file that you would like to report in other tables in your database, things like score, status, and other relevant data.

The base SSLA supports SCORM 1.2 RTE-3 and SCORM 2004 API

Yes, SSLA is fully SCORM 1.2 RTE-3 conformant so it supports all the mandatory and optional elements. This is also true for the version support in SCORM 2004.

Yes, running SCORM packages is what it was made for. As long as the package is SCORM conformant and the SSLA can be pointed to the imsmanifest it will run.

This depends on several factors we can discuss on a technical call to get a better idea. We have done implementations that have taken 1-2 days up to a month, but a month is very rare. The average is about 2 weeks.

Yes and if you would like to send us some courses to run on the system we would be happy to demonstrate them running as well via a web meeting.

No, the system is written in JavaScript. There is no plugin required to run JavaScript code.

The SSLA was not specifically designed with phones and tablets in mind, however as long as the tablet can run JavaScript (which I believe they all do) then there should be no issues.

No the SSLA only “plays” courses it does not create them.

We provide 5 hours of SSLA setup support at no cost which is more than enough for the implementation. After that, support is our current hourly rate, at the time of this entry it is 125.00/hr. We also have maintenance agreements that allow for more hours at a reduced rate if you calculate you will be needing support on a more ongoing basis.

We accept paypal, check, wire, pay by phone, credit card (master card, visa, american express, discover), there is also a link to pay at the JCA Solutions website as well.

You will only have to buy one license. The license is good for any installation that your company makes of it’s LMS. You receive the full code base to use as you desire and you do not owe us any more money. If you wish we do offer an optional maintenance agreement at yearly cost of 20% of the product purchase price. This maintenance agreement entitles you to all major version upgrades of the product. Without the maintenance agreement you will still receive minor version (2.x) updates and bug fixes as they are published.

There is not at this time but the basic idea is that the data comes to you as a JSON string so you use your server language, create a JSON object and then extract the key/value pairs.

Pseudo Code example:

dataFromSSLA = ‘{“cmi.core.lesson_status”:”incomplete”,
“cmi.comments”:””,”cmi.comments_from_lms”:”No comment”,”cmi.objectives._count”:”0″,

objJSON = toJSONObject(dataFromSSLA)
status = objJSON[‘cmi.core.lesson_status’];
//status returns “incomplete”

Want a Demo?

If you would like a demonstration of the administration functionality or for more information