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Make any video SCORM conformant!

The cost for an unlimited site license of Simple SCORM Video (SSV) is $199.95. This wrapper allows bookmarking data and completion data to be sent from the video to the SCORM LMS. The wrapper supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.


Click the play button on the videos below to see SSV in action:
Data list

Below is the full data list and more data can be added upon request


  • Initialize
  • GetValue("cmi.core.lesson_location")
  • SetValue("cmi.core.lesson_location",position_user_closed_or_paused_video)
  • GetValue("cmi.core.lesson_status")
  • SetValue("cmi.core.lesson_status",status_based_on_video_completion);
  • SetValue("cmi.core.exit","suspend")
  • SetValue("cmi.core.session_time",time_spent_this_session)
  • Commit()
  • Finish();

SCORM 2004

  • Initialize
  • GetValue("cmi.location")
  • SetValue("cmi.location",position_user_closed_or_paused_video)
  • GetValue("cmi.completion_status")
  • SetValue("cmi.completion_status",status_based_on_video_completion);
  • SetValue("cmi.exit","suspend")
  • SetValue("cmi.session_time",time_spent_this_session)
  • Commit()
  • Terminate();

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JCA Solutions is a consulting company, specializing in Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and e-learning technologies. We strive to meet the needs of each and every customer on a personal level. We are process-oriented and pride ourselves in our attention to detail. Our focus is on SCORM and our goal is to create value for our customers by providing consultants to support our client's courseware development process or provide tools to streamline SCORM conformance.

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