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You won’t find anyone who knows more about SCORM than the experts at JCA Solutions.

We’re SCORM Solvers

Whatever your SCORM problem, odds are JCA Solutions has seen — and solved — it before. And we can prove it.

We’re SCORM Savvy

We began in 1997 after one of our founders helped develop its first metadata specifications along with being named researcher of the year for his contributions.

SCORM Package testing and debugging

Let the experts at JCA Solutions test and debug the more complicated of the e-learning programming: the ADL SCORM runtime and sequencing. Our experts have been teaching and performing these processes since 2001 and as a result have developed proprietary software and streamlined techniques for testing and debugging SCORM packages.

Our process will save you time and money by lowering course rejection rates, increasing content reusability, increasing content interoperability, and decreasing the overall cost associated with your current Quality Assurance process.

Course Wrappers

JCA Solutions has created JavaScript wrappers to enable your content to be interoperable among a wide variety of SCORM versions and LMS platforms.

Learning Management System SCORM Customization and Upgrades

JCA Solutions has customized open source LMS’ such as Moodle and Ilias for our corporate clients. We have also created JavaScript API Adapters to upgrade non-SCORM LMS systems to SCORM 1.2 conformance. These custom solutions have been implemented on systems as large as 30,000 students and have been tested in all the mainstream internet browsers (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and FireFox).

Content Conversion and Upgrade

Many times, the technology involved in e-learning programs becomes out-of-date even though the core content of e-learning programs themselves is not. In these cases, content conversion and upgrading is the best solution. Whether your training programs are in AICC or SCORM, we can upgrade them to the latest e-learning technologies and allow you to maintain your interoperability among LMS platforms, thereby increasing your potential deployment environments and client base. A conversion and upgrade project always pays for itself by enabling you to deploy more content anytime, anywhere.

To learn how to reach more learners on more platforms, call us!

Custom Programming

In order to enable your e-learning content to be interoperable between many LMS platforms, the course content must be AICC or SCORM conformant. What you may not know is that there are many variants of SCORM and AICC available in the market. As a result, content vendors and LMS vendors use the term conformant very loosely and are not specific on what version of ADL SCORM they are using. To date, there are five (5) versions: 1.2, 2004 1st edition, 2004 2nd edition, 2004 3rd edition, and 2004 4th Edition. Each version may require some customizations to your courseware for optimal performance.

Partner with JCA Solutions and let us take the lead on defining requirements, maintaining code, and assuring that your content plays regardless of the SCORM version or LMS.


Does your client require that you deliver one SCORM delivery and one CD delivery? If you do business with the US Government, the answer is probably yes.

Do you export or create two (2) versions of your content or do you deliver one version that runs on CD and on the LMS? Are both versions conformant? If not, JCA Solutions can provide the programming expertise to enable you to have this technology.

By delivering one course able to run under both platforms, you cut down on version control and configuration management, and decrease the likelihood of version creep throughout cycles.

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IMS Simple Sequencing Templates

These days, many e-learning programs are mandating the use of advanced navigational techniques to engage and assess the learner. In SCORM terms, these are known as Simple Sequencing, and are defined by the IMS Simple Sequencing (IMSSS) model. While the basic principles of randomization, testing out, remediation loops, and hierarchical navigation are simple to understand, these techniques can be complex to implement within the SCORM framework. JCA Solutions has expertise in implementing these and other sequencing principles on both the LMS and content side.

Call us today for assistance developing your sequencing templates or pre-register for our upcoming sequencing training class. 

Putting our expertise to work for you

  • SCORM Computer-Based Technology
  • SCORM Package Testing and Debugging
  • Custom SCORM and Experience API (xAPI) Programming
  • SCORM and Experience API (xAPI) Course Wrappers
  • SCORM for CD
  • SCORM and Experience API (xAPI) Content Conversion and Upgrade
  • SCORM Security Auditing and Vulnerability Testing
  • IMS Simple Sequencing Templates
  • Learning Management System SCORM Customization and Upgrades
  • SCORM and Experience API (xAPI) Content Installation and QA

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