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Data Center Overview

The hosting environment is within the Atlantic.net facility, an award-winning data center in the Orlando, FL area.  Available at the facility are multiple redundant high speed connections to several Internet backbones, on a 24/7 staffed and onsite monitored network to ensure all services are always reachable.  Driven by automatic latency testers, the systems automatically select the fastest way to move data, even switching backbones if a primary provider goes down.  The facility is biometrically secured, fireproof and climate-controlled, with A/B power and a 3-day generator backup at 100% facility capacity.


Servers, Performance and Security

We can provide dedicated servers for a variety of performance needs, to structure and spread your architecture out for best flexibility as your app’s needs grow.  Also available to you are high performance firewall and VPN appliances, both provider-managed and customer-managed, to allow you better control of the access points to your network. We recommend on each machine single deployments based on low-overhead virtualized environments.  These virtualized environments greatly improve the ability to migrate systems when necessary, to expand and reorganize the customer’s hosting network, to manage resource utilization within each server to minimize the damage from application level system compromises, and to manage and restore backups to any type of hardware rapidly and without the need for any reconfiguration of the application stack. We can provide you with not just server setup and structure, but day to day management of your server’s software stack.  Security fixes, upgrades and other issues can be automated and reviewed by our support staff on a daily interval, and reports can be generated for the customer contacts describing the upgrades required for your given environment.


Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

We can provide you with a variety of plans to mitigate the losses related to hardware and software failures and to restore your environment to its fully operational state with a minimum of downtime. For high availability of your application, you have the option of selecting load balanced environments, heartbeat monitoring to switch between failed nodes within your clustered environment, and block-level redundancy of your application servers for maximum cluster pervasiveness. With our monitoring console, you can watch not only your hardware’s status, but also the status of almost any of your applications, and receive immediate notifications of any failures through a variety of mechanisms, including e-mail, SMS, and Jabber/IM.  Response times, bandwidth and overall network and cluster health can be reviewed historically for periods as long as you define. For backups, there are several onsite and offsite solution combinations available for most every platform and software stack, including specific customized solutions for activities that require synchronization to complete that cannot be taken offline, such as most database solutions.  Locally kept fully restorable snapshots in online storage preserved over our gigabit network allow new machines to be populated with your already constructed software environment rapidly, and if done in virtual servers, can be backed up directly to existing customer hardware in a fashion that the backups are immediately ready to be activated.  Off-site storage is available through several mechanisms, some of which you can have direct access to, such as Amazon S3 storage.  Databases can be synchronized and safely exported through a variety of online storage mechanisms, tuned to your specific performance needs.



Includes basic Customizations, branding, and setup (one time fee for each

install) 2

Maintenance –$771.50 (yearly)

Total First Year Price – $5056.00

Subsequent year costs – $771.50


Hardware 1

Dedicated Virtual Server (1 to 2,000 students)

Price – $2,185.15

Dedicated Server (2,000 to 5,000 students)

Price – $7,500.00


Choice of LMS

  • JCA Solutions’ GGLMS
  • Moodle


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Pricing Summary

Package 1: Pay by year

Year 1

1 to 2000 students = $7241.15 (or $610.00 per month) 1

Over 2,000 students = $12,500.00 (or $1,050.00 per month) 1

Year 2 and beyond

1 to 2000 students = $2,301.50 (or $200.00 per month) 1

Over 2,000 students = $8,271.50 (or $699.00 per month) 1

Package 2: 3 year contract

For 3 years

1 to 2000 students = $350.00 per month 1

Over 2,000 students = $810.00 per month 1


Training fee to train administrators

Train administrators on how to use the LMS they have chosen. Learn how to

create reports, load students, manage uses, and create and upload courses.

$448.50 per person/per day once per customer usually

Administration Fee

Load students and generate reports charge at 55.00 per hour.

Custom Development and Upgrades

Customers may request that certain items within the LMS offering be updated,

change, or removed. JCA Solutions is willing and able to assist with these

modifications. Any modifications that are out of the scope of the “Included Basic

Customizations”2 will be charged at JCA Solutions software development rate of

$94.00 per hour.

Notes 1 includes 1 Mbit of bandwidth per month. Overage will be charged at $100 per Mbit/month. Usage calculated based on 95th percentile usage.


95th percentile - “It means that the top 5% of sampling points, bandwidth measurements at the upstream switch, (which are taken every 5 minutes for the whole time period) are cut off before the average bandwidth is calculated.” So in essence we remove the highest usage before we calculate the total usage.


2 Included basic Customizations

1 customized report

2 revision cycles of branding and interface style changes. This does not include

any items related to functionality.

  • Banner and Logo
  • LMS Stylesheet update to match corporate look and feel
  • Change LMS colors to match corporate look and feel
  • Add graphics to the LMS which are customer provided.

Click the thumbnail to see the full size image. 

JCA Solutions will also setup of up to 2 administrators in the LMS System, one Super User Administrator, up to 3 trainers, and up to 10 students.


About JCA Solutions

JCA Solutions is a consulting company, specializing in Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and e-learning technologies. We strive to meet the needs of each and every customer on a personal level. We are process-oriented and pride ourselves in our attention to detail. Our focus is on SCORM and our goal is to create value for our customers by providing consultants to support our client's courseware development process or provide tools to streamline SCORM conformance.

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