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JCA Solutions offers training classes on SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004

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Since 2001, government agencies, international companies, and organizations have benefited from our SCORM training programs and you can too.

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JCA Solutions specializes in SCORM and you can benefit from our knowledge by tapping into the value of our training classes, books, white papers, and speaking engagements.

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JCA Solutions offers a unique Hands-On approach to SCORM training. Our goal is to enable our students to become SCORM implementers. As part of the class tuition students are provided with the tools needed to successfully implement SCORM code in any environment.

SCORM 1.2 Course

SCORM 1.2 explained:
This course on SCORM is for managers, authors, instructional designers and developers of online courses who want to comply with the requirements of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model 1.2.7 (SCORMTM).

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SCORM 2004 Course

SCORM 2004 is explained in the following lessons
Click the video preview to see a ~2 min. clip of each lesson.

Lesson 1: Introduction to SCORM 2004

Lesson 1 covers the definition of SCORM, its evolution, the 4 SCORM books, as well as an overview of the Runtime Environment, the Manifest, Repositories, and Metadata.
The total length of this lesson is 42:50.

Lesson 2: SCORM Essentials

Lesson 2 covers Learning Management Systems, Content Objects, Designing for SCORM (ADDIE Model), SCORM Support Tools, Test Suites, and Certifications.
The total length of this lesson is 37:30.

Lesson 3: Metadata

Lesson 3 covers Metadata, its file structure, and how to develop it.
The total length of this lesson is 35:01.

Lesson 4: SCORM Run-Time: What Makes a SCO a SCO

Lesson 4 covers the SCORM Runtime Environment, the SCORM API, Data Transfer Methods, and Data Model Elements.
The total length of this lesson is 138:50

Lesson 5: Manifest and Sequencing

Lesson 5 covers Manifest, Sequencing, Navigation, Rollup, and Objectives.
The total length of this lesson is 2:01:45

Full Bundle (Lessons 1-5)

Lesson 1: Introduction to SCORM 2004

Lesson 2: SCORM Essentials

Lesson 3: Metadata

Lesson 4: SCORM Run-Time: What Makes a SCO a SCO

Lesson 5: Manifest and Sequencing

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All lessons are followed by an assessment

Ensure you've understood and retained the information presented in each lesson by completing the assessments that follow.

Instructor Lead Training

Have our expert educate you and your team on a variety of SCORM topics
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Practical Hands-On Guide to SCORM Development

Get first-rate SCORM training related to coding, manifest creation, sequencing techniques, navigation and ADL/SCORM fundamentals for developing course content and assessments.

Free Material

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How to Create a SCORM 1.2 Conformant Course

A basic tutorial on how to create SCORM conformant content.

SCORM Terminology