JCA Solutions' Hands-On Guide to SCORM Security

To enroll, contact the registrar at 1-800-305-8159 x202.

SCORM Security course NEW ONLINE !

After all the stir in the SCORM / ADL community around SCORM Security we thought a class on SCORM Security would be a useful and needed addition to our current SCORM training programs.

JCA Solutions' Hands-On Guide to SCORM Security

In this course, you will effective ways to prevent attacks on your SCORM code from would be hackers. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with solutions and learn each solutions vunerabilities, then judge for themselves which is more appropriate for their course content.

Who Should Attend?

This is a hands-on SCORM development course intended for developers that require direct hands-on knowledge of SCORM Security issues. The labs are structured to support students with an unerstanding of JavaScript and web browser technologies. Students should have a working knowledge web development, HTML, JavaScript, and XML technologies as they will be featured within the labs.

Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to provide students with the tools, knowledge, and skills to create secure course content within a SCORM environment.

SCORM Quick Start Kit - FREE for every student!

  • SCORM QuickStart source code
  • A variety of lab exercises with source code examples
    • Web based labs
    • Interactive learning activities
  • Open Source Software Tools
    • ADL Test Suites
    • JavaScript Debuggers
    • Web Development Toolkits

Detailed Outline

  1. Introduction to SCORM Security
    1. Basic Concepts and Definitions
    2. Overview of the history
    3. Types of security risks
  2. Preventing Cheating
    1. Define cheating
    2. Reasons for cheating
    3. Risk vs reward
  3. Preventing Hacking
    1. How the web browser works
    2. Common vulerabilities
    3. LAB: Testing vunerabilities
      1. Script Injecton
      2. Bookmarklets
    4. Not so common vunerabilities
    5. LAB: Testing vunerabilities 2
  4. Using JavaScript Debuggers to defeat the SCORM
    1. Introduction to JavaScript debuggers
    2. LAB: Using the debuggers for good
    3. LAB: Using the debuggers for evil
  5. Prevention
    1. First Line of Defense
    2. Second Line of Defense
    3. Third Line of Defense
    4. Fourth Line of Defense
    5. LAB: Implementng the Defense
  6. Detection
    1. What is detection and why is it effective?
    2. SCO Side Detection
    3. LMS Side Detection

Course Schedule

One day, 7 hour course.

Registration Fees

$450.00 USD
To enroll, contact the registrar at 1-800-305-8159 x203.